NRG - Current transformer

Rectangular CT's

  • The Rectangular CT's is provided in tape insulated construction in rectangular design.
  • It is extremely helpful in accelerating output and accuracy with an increased ratios.
  • The rectangular CT's is selected on the basis of its mechanical strength and durability.
  • It is highly efficient, requires less maintenance and can withstand impulse voltage.

ABS Moulded Tape CT's

  • ABS use has grown over the last 50 years as more and more molders and OEMs take advantage of the it's processing and property versatility.
  • ABS Applications run from automotive interiors and exteriors, boat hulls and appliances to, Low tension electrical/ electronic components, and industrial equipment.
  • In general, ABS has high impact strength and rigidity, stands up well to chemicals and weather, and it can easily be processed with good as-molded surfaces.
  • Following are the Physical , Mechanical , Thermal , Electrical properties of ABS FR grade .



We manufacture wound primary CTs (Tape and Resin Cast) designed for large burdens and better accuracies (Metering, Protection and Special protection PS Class). Secondary terminal with threaded insert and primary with brass plated studs suitable for precision measuring test apparatus. Multiratio C.T. available in the portable wooden case to be used as laboratory standard.

Primary Current1 to 100A
Secondary Current5, 1, 5/rt3, 1/rt3A
Accuracy ClassFor Metering : 0.1 to 1 AFor Protection : 5P, 10P accuracy limit factor 5,10,15,20For PS Class : Knee point voltage(VK), secondary resistance and magnetizing current is required.
Burden5 to 60 VA
MountingThreaded inserts for floor mounting.

CT For Protection

  • AS per the requirement of the Specified Application, We manufacture it resin cast and Tape winding.

Resin Cast CT's


We are one of the leading manufacturers of premier Resin Cast CT's that are admired for their functionality, accurate measurements and durability. These are dry type transformers produced in compliance with international quality standards.

In these, the active part is embedded in quartz and epoxy resin is loaded using vacuum molding technique, which provides insulation between primary, secondary and earth. The resin is hardened by polymerization after molding.

Primary Current50 to 3000A
Secondary Current5, 1, 5/rt3, 1/rt3A
Accuracy ClassFor Metering : 0.5 to 5 AFor Protection : 5P, 10P accuracy limit factor 5,10,15,20For PS Class : Knee point voltage (VK), secondary resistance and magnetizing current is required.
Burden1.25 to 30 VA
MountingThreaded inserts for floor mounting.

Standard Tape Wound Type CT's


We manufacture Tape Insulated Bar Primary CTs ( Ring & Rectangular Type ) which are generally prefered because they are simple in construction, mechanically stronger, economical and easy to connect in existing switchgear.

They are used in control panels and generator panels ( Metering , protection and special protection ps class ).

They are available in round or rectangular window and suitable for a wide range of electrical test equipment.

Primary Current50A to 6000A
Secondary Current5,1,5/rt3 and 1/rt3 A
Accuracy ClassFor Metering : 0.5 to 5AFor Protection : 5P,10P accuracy limit factor 5,10,15,20
Burden1.25 VA to 60 VA
MountingM.S. clamp if required.

The Standard Tape Wound Type CT'S is manufactured using high quality material to offer high performance and quality. It is durable and is mainly used as a measuring device for metering and protection system in various industries.

In addition, it is verified on various parameters to match the prevailing quality standards.

Core Balance CT's

  • The CBCT, also known as a ZERO sequence CT, is used for earth leakage and earth fault protection.
  • The concept is similar to the RVT. In CBCT , the three core cable or three single cores of a three phase system pass through the inner diameter of the CT.
  • When the system is fault free, no current flows in the secondary of the CBCT.
  • When there is an earth fault , the residual current (Zero Phase sequence current) of the system flows through the secondary of the CBCT and this operates the relay setting.