Protime - Battery Chargers

Float Cum Boost Chargers

Silent Features:
  • Unique Micro Controller Technology.
  • Can handle wide input supply variation from -20% to +25%
  • Eliminates needs for human judgement, hence avoids a risk to batteries which occurs due to errorneous mode selection, thus increasing batteries life.
  • Manual modes of operation also provided
  • Sense dv/dt and di/dt for precise control
  • Use combination of constant voltage and constant current charging.

Digital Traction Chargers

Silent Features:
  • Uses latest Micro Controller Technology.
  • Regulated output across the range of models
  • No timer setting required
  • Equalize / Normal charging mode selection
  • Sense dv/dt and di/dt for precise control
  • Automatic refresh charging

Digital Battery charger Modules

Silent Features:
  • First & Only Digital Battery Charger Modules using SMPS or Thyristor control
  • With dv/dt & di/dt sensing for precise selection of modes
  • Using latest Micro controller technology for sensing & Protections
  • Equipped with all protections on mains & DC Side
  • Makes Automation Solution highly reliable.
  • Intelligent selection for auto changeover from Float to boost & vice versa

Automatic Charger cum Discharger

Silent Features:
  • An Ideal solution for battery maintainance
  • Both charging and discharging in same unit with constant voltage and current modes of operation.
  • Constant current makes the output short circuit proof equipement.
  • Units with Ampere-Hour controlled charging / discharging can be provided
  • Formation charging with user programmable voltage / current & pause time can be provided.