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We Introduce Ourselves : – Universal Electricals as a Stockiest and Suppliers of KEI - WIRES AND CABLES
Our product range consists of: - Wires and cables


EHV Cables

The state-of-the-art extra high voltage (EHV) cable plant with German technology manufactures cables up to 220kV. There are two CCV lines for the same:

  • Single- point- triple-extrusion and sophisticated control and monitoring systems from Machine bau Scholz GMBH & Co. KG
  • Troester Germany

Both the above mentioned manufactures are well- known names in CCV lines technology and have supplied more than 250 lines world over. The triple extrusion and DCDC process ensure contamination-free cores. All three layers are well- bonded and the core has very less eccentricity and ovality. The insulation itself is free of micro voids and has negligible moisture content.

To control the manufacturing process, the line has been provided with many computer-monitored instruments and servo controls. Some of the important systems are: X-ray non-touch sensors of SIKORA make for thickness and dimensional control. This system continuously measures the dimensions of insulated cores. The unit has the capability to measure multi-layer dimensions in al directions, record and analyze the data on line.

control system. This system ensures no marks/lines on core unlike the older lines. Facilities like conductor pre-heater, core rotation and DE gasification have also been provided for EHV cables.Computerized control system ensures optimum effeciency, fast start-up, synchornized operations of compound feeds, three extruders, CCV line gas temperature zones, pay off and take up.