Protime - Time Control

N22- X Series

Silent Features:
  • High Repeat accuracy & low tolerance in setting accuracy (>1%)
  • Wide range of power supply from 90 to 270V AC/DC
  • User friendly design with ON/IN delay selectable even in low cost versions
  • 5 modes on Delay, interval, Equal cyclic (ON First) Equal cyclic (off first),Pulse O/P in one
  • Timers for almost all applications

G22- X Series

Silent Features:
  • Only 22.5mm TIMER with Wireless interiors
  • Multi range & Multi mode type of timers
  • Designed to be mounted on DIN channel as well as wall mounting
  • Uses digital IC's to give accurate repeat cycles.
  • Most Simple setting arrangements
  • Calibrated dial with + 5% Accuracy.

G48- X Series

Silent Features:
  • Only Analog Timer with Percentage Time Elapsed Indicator (PTEI)
  • Wireless interiors makes it highly rugged & error proof.
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Only Adjustable Reverse /Forward Timer with RUN & JOG Mode
  • Available with screw type terminals as well as plug-in types
  • Calibrated dial with + 5% Accuracy
  • Only Adjustable Cyclic Timer with PTEI & User Selectable ON & OFF Sequence